JUDGE Chart 0301

This is a Chart for ??? and Alice Elizabeth Judge



born about



born about
March quarter
St George Hanover Square, Middlesex (1871) 
Pimlico, Middlesex (1881).
1881 Scholar
1891 and 1901 Dressmaker

Dorothy Alice
born about
September quarter 1897
  2. 1871 22 Effingham Street, St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex. Alice and her mother Tryphena JUDGE were living with Tryphena's parents. RG10; Piece: 110; Folio: 117; Page: 58; GSU roll: 838765.
    1881 4 Palmerston Street, Battersea, Surrey. RG11; Piece: 649; Folio: 141; Page: 47; Line
    1891 24 Surrey Lane, Battersea, London. Boarding with them was Mary A SPENCER (27) Single Dressmaker born Brighton, Sussex. RG12; Piece: 429; Folio 107; Page 13;
    1901 22 Bolan Street, Battersea, London. Family were living in 4 rooms. Living in the same property in 3 rooms were Eveline POLLARD (57) (Head) married, 
    born Steadham, Sussex, her daughter Ruby (age unreadable) born Battersea, Surrey and a visitor, Margaret VICARY (34) married, born Pimlico, Middlesex.
    RG13; Piece: 440; Folio: 81; Page: 42
    Information from Ronald CARPENTER 30/12/2002
    Alice: I have no knowledge whatsover. I knew my grandfather had sisters, but I did not know how many there were. She was never mentioned within my earshot. I wonder if......
    Dorothy (noted in 1901 as being a granddaughter) was the daughter of Alice (who is noted as having the surname of JUDGE, but at the same time is shown as being 'M' - married? Perhaps Dorothy was illegit., which might account for both not being the subject of 'respectable' conversation
  3. 1901 22 Bolam Street, Battersea, Surrey. Living, together with her mother, with her grandparents William Thomas and Tryphena JUDGE

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