KETCHER Chart 0403

This is a Chart for George Ketcher and Eliza Holden


30th September 1863
Wonersh, Surrey



 born about
Wonersh, Surrey (registration not found)
9th August 1840
Wonersh, Surrey
 1851 Agricultural Labourer, 1861 Suckler
1871 Agricultural Labourer, 1881, 1891, 1901 Farm Labourer
died about
June quarter
 Hambledon District
Age 76



born about
 Wonersh, Surrey
died about
 June quarter1899
 Hambledon District, Surrey 
Age 56.

Mary Ann

born about
September quarter 1867
Wonersh, Surrey
1st September 1867
Wonersh, Surrey
died about
 December quarter
Surrey S W District, Surrey


  1. 1841 Census - Risbridge Hill, Wonersh, Surrey (Indexed on as KETCHEN)
  2. 1851 Census - Stroud Common, Wonersh, Surrey
  3. 1861 Census - Smithwood Common, Cranley, Surrey. Servant to John WHITBOURNE (46) Farmer of 330 acres employing 6 men and 3 boys born Elstead, Surrey, his wife Elizabeth (43) born Cranley, Surrey and children Mary Anne (13), John (11) and William (8) all Scholars born Cranley, Surrey. Other servants were Sarah PERYER (17) House Servant born Cranley, Surrey, Charles PERRY (19) Carter born Cranley, Surrey and Morris STEDMAN (16) Carter born Cranley, Surrey
  4. 1871 Census - Wonersh, Surrey. Boarding with them was James HOOK (22) unmarried Keeper born Wonersh, Surrey
  5. 1881 Census - Smithwood, Wonersh, Surrey (Indexed on as KERCHER). Lodging with them was William HENDRY (38) unmarried Farm Labourer born Guildford, Surrey 
  6. 1891 Census - Possible address, Smithwood Common, Wonersh, Surrey (Indexed as RITCHER on Also wife is shown as Eleanor). Lodging with them was William HENLEY (50) unmarried Farm Labourer born Shalford, Surrey
  7. 1901 Census - Woodgers Lane, Wonersh, Surrey. Visiting them was Amy MANSFIELD (14) General Domestic Servant born Bramley, Surrey
  8. 1896 Brewhurst Cottage, Wisborough Green, Sussex (birth of son)

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