LEEDEN Chart 0801

This is a Chart for Thomas (Leeding) Leeden and Ann Harrison

3rd September 1770
16th December 1744
died about
18th May 1784

born about

born about

  3. This chart has been added as we believe that this is all one family as shown by the baptisms which all appear on the IGI, it is the connections that might be incorrect  from this family on. However, we have no birth places other than Robert who is down as being born in Needingworth, but is they were baptists, as the baptisms show we know there was not Baptist Chapel in Needingworth until the 1860's so it is quite likely that the children were taken to Bluntisham for baptism which did have a chapel in the period shown.  Bluntisham was the closest village to Needingworth. St Ives which was a larger town is about the sam distance away. By adding this Chart it has connected up all the LEEDEN families on this Web Site. 
    Note there are many variations of the spelling of LEEDEN, ie LEADEN, LEEDING, LEADING, LEEDON, LEADON, LEEDER, LEADER  etc etc. I have called all the Charts LEEDEN and have shown the alternative spelling in (...) before the LEEDEN spelling. This is to keep conformity and ease of finding the charts. I think in several cases the name changed and has been kept with the alternative until the present day.

The idea of these charts is to give the information that we have found in the research we have done and put together and with the help of many other people who have contacted us over the past thirty odd years we have been researching our family. The idea is that you click on the Chart box in blue to be taken to the next family. There is now a large number of charts to be found and connections can be made to all the main families I am researching. If a chart has a box with the standard background it means that as yet I have not put the Chart on the Web.
To conform to the Data Protection Act all the Charts have been altered to exclude all details for living people other than the name.

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