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I only have a months subscription to the Web Site so I will put on the DACKOMBE names first, but there are a lot of DACOMBE names and a lot of variants I will try and put as many of these on in the time available to me.

Name Service Number Rank Record Year Unit
Anthony Dackombe  ? Able Seaman 1953 HMS Terror
Aquilla George Dackombe 12216 ? 1908  Royal Marine Artillery
Continuous Service
Aquilla George Dackombe 1433  ? 1908  Royal Marines Band
Bernard Dackombe  ? Able Seaman  1955  HMS Alert
D Dackombe  M2/15889 Private  1916  Army Service Corps
Daniel Dackombe  Cert no 4620  Chauffeur  1914  Red Cross
Daniel Richard Francis Dackombe  903958  Serjeant  1943  Royal Artillery
F H Dackombe ? Warrant Officer 1st Class  1941 Royal Tank Regiment
Frederick Albert Dackombe 1243016  Leading Aircraftman  1943  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
H Dackombe  7734  Rifleman  1905  Royal Garrison Regiment
Herbert George Dackombe  7464  Lance Corporal  1915  Royal Army Ordnance Corps
R G Dackombe  53158  Private  1918  Middlesex Regiment
Robert Dackombe  20583  Private  1916  Cheshire Regiment
Robert Dackombe  T/10705634  Driver  1943  Royal Army Service Corps

The above is all the entries for the name Dackombe, the next section is for variants of that name but not for the name DACOMBE which will have a section of it own:

The following is the entries for the name Dacombe
Name Service Number Rank Record Year Unit
A Dacombe  ? 2nd Lieutenant  1917  Machine Gun Corps
A Dacombe   ? 2nd Lieutenant  1917  Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
A H Dacombe  T250584  Corporal  1945  Royal Army Service Corps
A W Dacombe  ? 2nd Lieutenant  1918  Machine Corps
A. B. Dacombe    ? 2nd Lieutenant   1941 ?
Ambrose Dacombe  ? Lieutenant  1920  Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Ambrose Dacombe 5912   Company Sergeant Major   1917   Royal Hampshire Regiment
C Dacombe  745356  Corporal  1919  Eastern Ontario Regiment
C. T Dacombe  ? Pilot Officer  1940  Active List
C. T. Dacombe  43199  Petty Officer  1940 ?
Cecil Albert Dacombe  10161  Private  1915  Dorsetshire Regiment
Charles Samuel Dacombe  39029  Private  1916  New Zealand Training Unit
Charles Thomas Dacombe  43199  Flying Officer  1941 ?
Douglas Faithful Dacombe  ? Assistant Steward  1945  Merchant Navy
Frederick Dacombe  4314  Private  1889  Rifle Brigade
H Dacombe  ? Private  1918  Labour Corps
H J Dacombe  ? 2nd Lieutenant  1942  Royal Engineers
H J Dacombe   ? Lieutenant  1944  Royal Engineers
H V Dacombe  114188  Acting Squadron Leader  1945 ?
H V Dacombe  ? War Substantive Flight Lieutenant  1945  Administrative And Special Duties Branch
H V Dacombe  ? Lieutenant  1917   Regiment Of Yeomanry, Hampshire (Carabiniers) (Dragoons)
J A G Dacombe  ? 2nd Lieutenant  1951  Royal Army Service Corps
John Dacombe  RMA/15263  Bugler  1918   Royal Marine Artillery
John Dacombe  15263  ? 1916  Royal Marine Artillery: Continuous Service 
Percival Alfred Dacombe  T2/016662  Driver   1919  Royal Army Service Corps
Reginald Stainbank Dacombe  E/184  Draughtsman  1918
Ron Dacombe  ? Corporal Technician  1950   Living Veteran Entry Boy Entrant Training School
S G Dacombe  RMA/5099  Acting Battery Sergeant Major  1917  Royal Marine Artillery
Samuel Dacombe  ? Private  1879   34th Foot
Sidney Guy Dacombe  RMA/5099  Colour Sergeant  1918  Royal Marine Artillery
Sidney Guy Dacombe   5099  ? 1893  Royal Marine Artillery

The following is for variants of the name other than Dackombe and Dacombe
Name Service Number Rank Record Year Unit
Albert Hiram Lewis Daccombe  7824  Private  1917  Dragoons
A Dacomb  R/41084  Private  1919  King's Royal Rifle Corps
Alfred Edmond Dacomb  333  Private  1902  Imperial Light Infantry
Frank Eric Dacomb  5547  Private  1916  South African Infantry
G C Dacomb  ? 2nd Lieutenant  1941  Royal Artillery 
Leonard Sydney Dacomb  ? Captain  1919  British South Africa Police
Ls Dacomb  101  Troop Sergeant Major  1902  British South Africa Police

There are a lot more entries still to be added

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