This is information found in a book about Heraldry
 and the various entries under the variants of Dackombe

Daccombe [Dorsetshire,] vert, a griffin, segregant, ar. membered gu.
Dacombe, gu. on a chev. or, betw. three roses are. as many towers with spires az.
Dacham, vert, a griffin, segreant, ar. See Dakecombe
Dachard or Dacherd, or, five fusils, in bend, gu.
Dakecombe or Dakeham, [Lincolnshire and Shropshire,) gu. three steeple-spires ar. two and one.
Dackcombe, [Steplton, Dorsetshire,] gu. on a chev. or, betw. three roses ar. as many steeples (or spires) of churches az.
Dackcombe, [Hogford, Dorsetshire,] vert, a griffin segreant, ar.
Dackcombe, [Croft-Castle, Dorsetshire.] The same arms with a crescent. - Crest, an oak tree ppr. fructed or, round the tree, a scroll, with this motto, Virtutis robort robor.

Corfe Castle (Croft) Dorsetshire Arms as above

Corfe Castle (Croft) Dorsetshire Crest as above
Dackum gu. three spires ar.
Dackum, [Stepleton, Dorsetshire,] gu. on a chev. betw. three roses ar. as many steeples sa.

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