Ancestry have now added Indenture details for the following people. By clicking on the persons name you will get the full transcript of the said Indenture. 

Name Birth Year Date Master's Name Father's Name
Aquila Dackombe   1734  Thomas Wheeler John Dackombe
Aquila Dackombe    1765  Thomas Swanson  Aquila Dackombe
Daniel Dackombe   1815 Daniel Dackombe Daniel Dackombe
Daniel Dackombe   1793 Richard Shaw Aquila Dackombe
Robert Dackombe   1707 Henry Garrett Robert Dackombe
Aquilla Richard Dackombe 1815 1836   Daniel Dackombe
Robert Dackombe 1818 1839   Daniel Dackombe
John Dackombe 1838 1875   Daniel Dackombe
Richard Dackombe 1841 1875   Robert Dackombe
Daniel Dackombe 1846 1878   Robert Dackombe
James Dackombe 1860 1898   Robert Dackombe

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