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This page has now been updated as Ancestry.com has added a lot more details and people who emigrated. There is a new section in the Index (section 35) which shows Members of Crew on crossings of the Atlantic, this page is in a very early stage of Development.

Name Ethnicity Calling or Occupation Place of Residence Date of Arrival Age on Arrival Immigration
Gender Marital Status Ship of Travel Port of Departure Date of Departure The name and Complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came
Dackombe (Ancestry.com has updated its passenger lists.
Sophie Eliza Dackombe Gt. Britain Domestic London, England August 18 1924 17y 31898 F S Celtic Liverpool, England UK August 9
Mrs E Skipsey
4 Sanford Row
Walworth, London
English Servant London, England February 13 1914 19y   F S Oceanic Southampton, Southamptonshire, England UK February 4 1914 Mother
Mrs Dackombe
6 Sanford Row,  Walworth London
Dolly J Dackombe English  Waitress London
April 15 1930 19y 5065 F   Aurania Southampton, England    
Dacombe (Ancestry.com has updated its passenger lists, there are lots of Dacombe entries, I will endeavour to add these over the next few months
Geo Dacombe        Aug 24 1883 40       Canada London    

There are links at the present time under the column Ship of Travel which shows  a pictures of the ship they went to America on, at the present time this is an experiment and in the future I might add pictures of of the others.

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