Pictures and Drawings

Below is a list of pictures, drawings, maps etc which you can view on this site.  I  have a lot more pictures and documents that can be added. (Note: these images open in a new browser window)

  1. Ashtead, The Knightley, Wyke, Dackombe Estate
  2. The Gatehouse Prison, Westminster.
  3. The Touch Plate of Aquila Dackombe, Pewterer
  4. St Mary's Church, Templcombe
  5. Digital Pictures of the Marriage Settlement of Matilda Dackombe and Thomas Lupton  sent to me by Bonnie Mann in the United States in July 2003
    the complete document
    Signatures of Matilda Dackombe and Thomas Lupton
    Signatures of Robert Dackombe and George Lupton

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