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The Post Office Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex 1855 
Page heading - Page 283 Bromley, Kent
Dackomble Aquila, beer retailer, Common

The Post Office London Directory, 1914 Commercial & Professional Part III
Page heading - Page 864 CUT-DAL
Dackombe, Elizabeth (Mrs) Wardrobe dealer, 55 East St Walworth SE

The Post Office London County Suburbs Directory 1914 (Part III)
Page heading - Page 562 London County Suburbs FUE-FUR
Sub heading Furniture Brokers - Dealers
Dackombe, Charles, 38 Southampton St Camberwell SE

The Post Office London County Suburbs Directory 1914 (Part II)
Page heading - Page 357 Commercial Directory CPY-DAL
Sub heading (from previous page) Marine Store Dealers
Dackombe, Charles, Furniture dealer 38, & marine store dealer 42 Southampton Street Camberwell SE

Pigot and Co's Royal National and C0mmercial Directory and Topography 1844 Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Somersetshire, Wiltshire Wales
Page heading - (no page number) Directory BATH &/c Somersetshire
Dacombe Eliz milliner and dressmaker 49 Rivers St

Page heading - (no page number) Directory BATH &/c Somersetshire
Dacombe Eliz  49 Rivers St

White's History Gazetteer and Directory of Hampshire 1859
Page heading - page 172 Southampton Directory
Dacombe Geo Stone & mbl  mason New Rd
Dacombe Jas. eating house 7 St Mary's St

Page heading - page 199 Southampton Directory
Sub heading Builder
Dacombe George New Rd

Page heading - page 202 Southampton Directory
Sub heading Eating and Boarding House
Dacombe Jas. 7 St Mary's St.

Directory, Harrison, Harrod & Co's Bristol Post Office Directory and Gazetteer 1859
Page heading _ page 579 Bath
Sub heading Carpenters continued
Dacombe George 4 Burlington Place

Kelly's Directory of Somersetshire 1859
Page heading - page 61 Somersetshire Bath
4 Dacombe Miss Elizb milnr

Page heading - page 93 Somersetshire Bath
Dacombe Elizabeth (Miss) millener 4 Burlington Pl Julian Rd

Page heading - 590 MIL Somersetshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Milliners and Dress Maker
Dacombe Miss Elizabeth 4 Burlington Place, Julian Road, Bath

Kelly's Directory of Somerset 1897
Page heading - page 67 Somersetshire Bath
Sub heading Julian Rd
4 Dacombe Miss Elizabeth Dressmaker

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire and Isle of Wight 1899
Page heading - page 86 Bournemouth Hampshire [Kelly's
Dacombe John Jas & Sons decorators 27 Holdenhurst Rd
Dacombe Fredk. William Inspector of weights and measures & inspector under Bread & Petroleum Acts Municipal Offices Yelverton Road

Page heading - page 162 Farnborough Hampshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Commercial
Dacombe Annie [Miss] dressmaker Lynchford Road

Page heading - page 445 Directory] Hampshire Southampton
Sub heading Brunswick Place
7 Dacombe James

Page heading - page 459 Directory] Hampshire Southampton
Sub heading New Road, East Park Terrace to Northam Road South Side
47-49 Dacombe Brothers Undertakers

Page heading - page 460 Southampton Hampshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Northam Street, East Park Terrace to St Mary's Road
47 Dacombe Thos G Undertaker

Page heading - page 462 Southampton Hampshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Oxford Buildings see St Mary's Road Westside
28 Dacombe Walter James undertaker

Page heading - page 467 Directory] Hampshire Southampton
Sub heading The Polygon, Cumberland Place Inner Side
Dacombe Simeon (Roseneath)

Page heading - page 468 Southampton Hampshire [Kelly's
Sub heading St Mary's St cont
39 Dacombe Roscow draper

Page heading - page 477 Hampshire Southampton
Dacombe James 7 Brunswick place
Dacombe Simeon Roseneath, The Polygn

Page heading - page 495 Directory] Hampshire Southampton
Dacombe Bros undertakers & mason 47 & 49 New rd
Dacombe Henry Insurance agent 56 Lower Alfred Street
Dacombe Roscow Draper 139 St Mary's Street
Dacombe walter James 28 Oxford Road, Bevois Mount & 467 & 49 New Road

Page heading - page620 Newport Isle of Wight [Kelly's
Dacombe Thomas Farmer Little Pan farm Pan Lane

Page heading - page 698 CUR Hampshire [Kelly's
Dacombe J 7 Brunswick Pl Southampton
Dacombe Simeon Roseneath, The Polygon, Southampton

Page heading - page 866 DRA Hampshire [Kelly's
Dacombe Edward John Lynchford road, Farnborough
Dacombe Roscow 139 St Marys Place Southampton

Page heading - page 921 Trades Directory Hampshire INS
Dacombe H 56 Low Alfred St Southampton

Page heading - page 943 Trades Directory Hampshire PAI
Dacombe John James & Son 27 Holdenhurst road Bournemouth

Page heading - page 1006 TRA Hampshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Undertakers
Dacombe Brothers 47 & 49 New Road Southampton
Dacombe Thomas G 47 Northwood road Southampton
Dacombe Walter James 28 Oxford rd & New road Southampton

Kelly's Directory of Sussex 1910-1920
Page heading - page 301 Directory Sussex East Chittington
Dacombe Harry Insurance Agent

Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire 1911 (also 1915 with the same entries although some on different pages)
Page heading - page 76 Combe Keynes Dorsetshire Kelly's
Sub heading Corfe Castle
..... The Manor House [Morton's House] formerly the residence of the DACOMBE family is a mansion of the early Elizabethan period, it is built in the from of the letter E and has an interesting courtyard, one of the rooms contains some unique oak panelling and very quaint carving, the house is now occupied by F Cavendish Bentrick esq JP who had made considerable improvements and alterations ......

Page heading - page 19 Dorsetshire Maiden Newton
Sub heading Maiden Newton
Dacombe Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs) Shopkeeper Upton

Page heading - page 247 Directory] Dorsetshire Wimborne
Sub heading Commercial
Dacombe Edwin Thomas cycle maker 15 Corn Market
Dacombe Tom Carpenter 44 King St

Page heading - page 308 BRU Trades [Dorsetshire
Sub heading Builders
Dacombe Arthur John Uppleby Road, Branscomb, Parkston

Page heading - page 310 BUT Trades [Doresetshire
Sub heading Carpenters and Joiners
Dacombe Tom 44 King St Wimborne

Page heading - page 318 CYC Trades [Doresetshire
Sub heading Cycle Makers
Dacombe Edwin Thomas 15 Corn Market Wimborne

Page heading - page 361 Dorsetshire] Trades SHO
Sub heading Shopkeepers
Dacombe Mrs Harriet Elizb Upton Poole

Kelly's Wood Green Directory 1912-1913 Middlesex
Page heading - page 12 Visitor's Guide Bournemouth
Sub heading House & Estate Agents
Hellier & Dacombe, Auctioneers, Valuers, Architects and Surveyors
129 Christchurch Road, Boscombe

Kelly's Directory of Shropshire 1913
Page heading - page 228 Shrewsbury Shropshire [Kelly's
Sub heading Bishop Street
21 Dacombe Reginald

Page heading - page 241 Shrewsbury Shropshire [Kelly's
Dacombe Reginald 2 Bishop Street

Page heading - page 329 Shropshire Private Residence DRE
Dacombe R 21 Bishop St Shrewsbury

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex 1914
Page heading - page 401 Directory] Middlesex Tottenham
Sub heading Places of Worship
St Ann's Church, St Ann's road, South Tottenham
Rev Frederick Rice MA Vicar, Rev Arthur Henley DACOMBE MA Rev Harold de Grant Raynor MA &
Samuel Robinson Thornton MA Curates

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 1899 
Page heading - Page 203 Directory] Hampshire Hursley
Sub heading Hurn
Daccombe Henry farmer Passox Farm

Page heading - Page 878 FAR Hampshire [KELLY'S
Daccombe Henry Hurn Christchurch

The Post Office London Directory 1914 Trade & Professional Part IV
Page heading Trades Directory 1914 UND-UPH
Sub heading Undertakers
Simpson Jsph Wade & Sons 36 Albany Rd SE
Simpson Aquila Wade 241 East St Walworth SE & 101 Elsted St Walworth

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