KEOGH Chart 0300

This is a Chart for Charles Keogh and Martha Wheaton

December quarter 1916
Woolwich District
 Roscommon County
military service
February 1909
Enlisted R H A Regt No. 54654
October 1914 - 16 
F.Bty B E F France.
1916 Sergeant
18 Gunnry Instr. 
Woolwich, London
 29th October 1918
R Herbert Hospital, Woolwich, London 
Age 29
cause of death
  Wounds, Gas
October 1918
War Graves Cemetery, Greenwich, Kent
20th August 1889
Wheatsheaf Public House
(since known as Leeds House)
Colne, Huntingdonshire
 1911 General Domestic Servant
1939 Unpaid Domestic Duties (as May)
21st August 1982
Age 93 years
 August 1982
Eltham Cemetery
Rochester Way, Eltham, Kent

29th July 1917
 1 Graydon Street
London S E
1939 Engineers Instrument Maker

 20th April 1946
St Nicholas, Town Hall
Swansea, Glamorganshire

 26th March 1922
Swansea district
 March 2006
Llanelly District
  1. Information from Forces War Records sent by John TERRY 29/10/2014
    First Name: Charles 
    Initials: C 
    Surname: KEOGH
    DOB: Circa 1889 
    Age: 29 
    Birth Town: Roscommon, Ireland 
    Resided Town: London 
    Nationality: British 
    Date of Death: 28/10/1918 
    Fate: Died at Home 
    Information: Husband of May KEOGH, of 1, Graydon St., Westdale Rd., Plumstead, London. Wounded in France 1916, while serving with ""F"" Bty. 
    Rank: Serjeant 
    Service Number: 54654 
    Campaign Medals: 
    Victory Medal
    Given the information we have available it is likely that Charles KEOGH was entitled to the Victory medal, also called the Inter Allied Victory Medal. This medal was awarded to all who received the 1914 Star or 1914-15 Star and, with certain exceptions, to those who received the British War Medal. It was never awarded alone. These three medals were sometimes irreverently referred to as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred.
    Eligibility for this award consisted of having been mobilised, fighting, having served in any of the theatres of operations, or at sea, between midnight 4th/5th August, 1914, and midnight, 11th/12th November, 1918. Women who served in any of the various military organisations in a theatre of operations were also eligible. 
    British War Medal
    From the information available to us, it is very possible that Charles KEOGH was entitled to the British War Medal for service in World War One. This British Empire campaign medal was issued for services between 5th August 1914 and 11th November 1918.
    The medal was automatically awarded in the event of death on active service before the completion of this period. 
    Service: British Army 
    Regiment: royal horse artillery 
    Royal Horse Artillery during World War 1
    More information about Royal Horse Artillery
    Formed: 1793
    The Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) is a regiment in the British Army. "A" and "B" Troops of the Royal Horse Artillery were raised in January 1793 at Goodwood in Sussex by the 3rd Duke of Richmond, who was Master-General of Ordnance, to provide fire support for the cavalry. They were joined by two more troops in November 1793. All RHA personnel were mounted - a departure from the prevailing British practice under which the guns were served and drawn by different groups, which restricted tactical mobility.
    Today, the RHA is operationally part of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Artillery) order of battle; there are currently four separate regiments that wear the cypher (cap badge) of the RHA:
    * King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery is primarily a ceremonial unit and uses vintage 13-pounder guns for firing salutes. However, it also has an operational role as part of the territorial defence of the United Kingdom. The King’s Troop is located in St John’s Wood, convenient for firing gun salutes in Hyde Park.
    * 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
    * 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (The Liverpool and Manchester Gunners)
    o Both 1RHA and 3RHA are armed principally with the AS90 155-mm armoured self-propelled gun.
    * 7th (Parachute) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery - this was formed in 1962 from the 33rd Parachute Light Regiment Royal Artillery and served until 1977 as the artillery regiment of 16th Parachute Brigade. After a spell in Germany as a non-airborne unit, it returned to Aldershot where it joined 5th Airborne Brigade and once again assumed the airmobile role. It is currently part of 16th Air Assault Brigade based in Colchester, armed with the L118 105-mm light gun which is air-droppable from the C-130 Hercules.
    Within the Royal Artillery structure, posting between the RA and the RHA is fairly common. However, the Royal Horse Artillery regiments are perceived as elite, and a posting to an RHA unit is regarded as a significant career advancement.
    The Royal Horse Artillery has provided the Queen’s Guard on three occasions:
    * 1 RHA - January 1979
    * 7 RHA - March 1989
    * King’s Troop - April 2007
    The King’s Troop provides the Queen’s Life Guard in Whitehall for three weeks in August each year while the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment goes away for summer training. 
    Battalion: "AA" Battery 
    Commemorated: Britain 
    Collections: Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 
    The IWGC/CWGC Registers Collection
  2. 1889 Wheatsheaf Public House
    1891 The Ship, Main Street, Colne, Huntingdonshire
    1901 East End, Colne, Huntingdonshire
    1911 13c Cornwall Mansions, Clarence Gate. London NW, Servant to Clarence Shirley FREESTONE (31) Commercial Traveller  Engineering born St Ann, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, his wife Marguerite Evelyn Eleanor (29) born All Saints, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, daughter Barbara Mary (3) born Marylebone. London, NW, sister Dorothy Mabel (19) Assistant Drapers, artificial  flowers, born St Andrew, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and niece Dorothy Madeleine FREESTONE (17) Assistant Drapers, artificial flowers, born Wallsall, Staffordshire (Interesting in that in 1847 a Catherine Ann WHEATON married a  John FREESTONE in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)
    1922 1, Graydon St., Westdale Rd., Plumstead, London as May (Forces War Records Web site) Death of husband Charles KEOGH
    1939 153 Libthorpe Road, Woolwich, London. May KEOGH born 20th August 1889 Unpaid Domestic Duties, Charles D KEOGH born 29th July 1917 Engineer Instrument Maker
    1940 153 Sibthorpe Road, Lee, London, SE12
  3. 1939 153 Libthorpe Road, Woolwich, London. May KEOGH born 20th August 1889 Unpaid Domestic Duties, Charles D KEOGH born 29th July 1917 Engineer Instrument Maker

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