O'FARRELL Chart 0402

This is a Chart for Charles Plunkett O'Farrell and Hattie Harrison

21st February 1886
Mendocino County
California, USA


born about
California, USA


born about

born about
7th October 1887
California, USA
1910 Motorman (Street Car)
1917-1918 Groundman, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
1930 Truck Driver (Hauling)
(given on WWI registration card)
30th November 1954
Yolo, California

Riba G
born about
California, USA
  1. 1870 US Census - PO Covelo, Round Valley, Mendocino, California, USA 
    1880 US Census - Round Valley, Mendocino, California, USA 
    I have found the information for this family on a Family Tree on Ancestry.com but at present can find nothing to confirm the information whereas on the other O'Farrell charts I have found the families on various Censuses and BMD information. I have put the chart on as the information appears, but this could be incorrect.
  3. 1910 Sacramento Ward 9, Sacramento, USA. This shows Saunders as married, his wife was only 17 (see following note)
    1930 Washing, Yolo, California, USA. This shows Saunders as married, with his wife Riba (Rib'as parents were born in England)
    I have found a Saunders O'Farrell on the 1914-1918 WWI Draft Record registration records who could be this child, he is down as being born in Covello California which would be correct on 7th October 1887, again this would tie in with the marriage of Charles in 1886. The second name given is Delbert which was used by another member of the family, so again this makes it possibly correct. Then found a death for a Saunders O'Farrell with the same birth date, so again think this is the same person but mothers maiden name incorrect to what we have. The Draft Registration Card states that Saunders was married with one child who was six years old but no names given. But now might find on 1920 Census. Registration Card for WWII shows him living in Sacto, Sacramento, USA, and again born in Covello. So all information correct for 1910, 1930, and registration cards, IF it is the corrected Saunders.

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