RAWLES Chart 0300

This is a Chart for Edmund Rawles and Kate Rowe


September quarter
Wareham District


born about
 Wareham, Dorset
1881 Scholar, 1891 Farm Labourer
1901 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer


born about
(registration not found)
Piddletrenthide, Dorset

Mary Jessie E

born about
September quarter
 Church Knowle, Dorset
Lily Edith

born about
March quarter
  Church Knowle, Dorset
  1. 1881 Whiteway, Church Knowle, Dorset. Living with them was mother-in-law Mary EVERETT (78) widow Pauper born Wareham, Dorset
    1891 Cobbs Buildings, Bere Regis, Dorset Indexed on ancestry.com as ROWLES
    1901 Cocknowle, Church Knowle, Dorset as Edward
    Edmund was Edmund on the 1881 and 1891 census
    An Edward was found on the 1901 census with birth date and place which matched those of Edmunds so it was thought that the name had been wrongly entered.
    Then a marriage was found for an Edwin George to a Kate, at the right time and in the right place. Was this another version of Edmund/Edward?
    Originally neither an Edmund or an Edward birth was found. Now an Edwin George birth has been found in the December quarter of 1872 in the Wareham District, Dorset, again the right date and place.
    More research required!
  2. 1881 "The Last" Kingston Magna, Dorset. Father Daniel ROWE, aged 45 an Agricultural Labourer, born Broadwuiser, Dorset, Mother Emma Elliott ROWE aged41 born Broadwuiser, Dorset, Siblings of Kate, William C ROWE, aged 14, an Agricultural Labourer born Moston, Dorset, Sarah J ROWE, aged 12, a Scholar, born Wootten Sturminster, Newton, Dorset, Theophilus ROWE, aged 9, a Scholar, born Leigh Sherborne, Dorset, then Kate and then Elizabeth aged 4 born Piddletrenthide, Dorset and George ROWE aged 2 born Compton Abbas, Dorset
    1891 Church Hill, Corton Denham, Somerset. Father Daniel ROWE, aged 54 an Agricultural Carter, born Broadwuiser, Dorset, Mother Emma ROWE, aged 51 born Broadwuiser, Dorset. Siblings of Kate, William ROWE, aged 24 an Agricultural Carter, born Moston, Dorset, Alfred ROWE, aged 19 an Agricultural Carter born Leigh, Dorset, then Kate, then Bessie ROWE aged 14 born Piddletenthide, Dorset, George ROWE aged 12 born Comton, Dorset, James ROWE, aged 10 born Ashmore, Wiltshire, and Walter ROWE, aged 4 born Housington, Somerset.
    1901 Cocknowle, Church Knowle, Dorset 
  3. 1901 Cocknowle, Church Knowle, Dorset
  4. 1901 Cocknowle, Church Knowle, Dorset

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