WHITE Chart 0700

This is a Chart for Simon White and Sarah ???




born about
Rudgwick, Sussex
possibly baptised
5th November 1758
Rudgwick, Surrey
1839  Labourer


born about



born about
28th October 1781
Slinfold, Surrey
3rd February 1793
Slinfold, Surrey
died about
September quarter
 Horsham District, Sussex 
Age 89.

10th December 1811
The Parish Church
Alford, Surrey

2nd February 1839
Holy Trinity
Rudgwick, Sussex
Charlotte HEDGER
  1. There is a baptism on the IGI that possibly fits Simon, it is two years later than we had his birth, but it is in Rudgwick. The father is down as George
    Baptism of Rebecca shows Simon and Sarah as parents
  2. Baptism of Rebecca shows Simon and Sarah as parents
  3. This baptism also shows Simon and Sarah as parents
  4. 1839 Address for both at time of marriage was the Poorhouse, Cranley, Surrey
    1841 - A Rebecca LONGHURST at Green Lanes, Rudgwick, Sussex, with Daniel LONGHURST Age 2, Ag Lab (crossed beside it so although Daniel has had a 0 added after the 2 to make him 20 we feel he was only 2) and George WALLER and also an Ann who is down as 8 so we feel it is Mary Anne on the Chart above). No husband present.
    My sister writes about this entry on the 1841 Census - "I think this information about Daniel LONGHURST is incorrect. There is a son Daniel for
    Daniel and Rebecca baptised in 1839 on family.search and on the 1851 census, there is a son Daniel age 12 So I looked at the 1841 census again.†
    In the age column the "2" has been entered in line with the units position of other ages, and then a "0" has been squashed in beside the "2". In the occupation column there is "Ag Lab" with a cross beside it. I think this entry should be for Daniel LONGHURST age 2 son of Daniel and Rebecca, with no occupation and that the "Ag Lab" occupation belong to step-brother George WALLER"
    1851 Census - Ewhurst, Surrey. This Census from is not like most of the others, there is no address part on the left hand side, just the names, so I assume everyone in Ewhurst, just came under that Village. It does add a child for Daniel and Rebecca which we did not have on this Chart before.
    1861 Lemon Lane, Ewhurst, Surrey - There is a George WALLER down as son-in-law on this Census, which would suggest he was the husband of a female to be down thus, but I think is should mean Step Son which in that case would fit the position we have shown.
    1871 with son John at Ellenís Green, Ewhurst, Surrey
    1881 Census - Horsham Rd Dorks, Warnham, Sussex - Rebecca is down as a Mother, but also a Pauper, everything is correct, age, place of birth etc, but not certain who she is staying with if she is the Mother. She is with a Mary Ann COOK, who is the Head of Household, age 48 it looks like a W next to her name so assumed she is a Widow and she was born in Rudgwick. To be 48 Mary would have been born around 1833, so I can only assume that the child we have down as Ann illegitimate child of Rebecca is the child in question, and I will work on this assumption. She has lots of children on the 1881 Census and I will make a Chart accordingly. They are Arthur COOK, aged 17 an Ag Lab born Cuckfield, Sussex, Edwin COOK, aged 13, an Ag Lab, born Shipley, Sussex, Walter COOK, aged 11, a Scholar, born Shipley, Sussex, George COOK aged 10, a Scholar, born Shipley, Sussex and John COOK, aged 8, a Scholar, born Shipley, Sussex
    My sister write this about the 1881 Census - "1881 Dorks, Horsham Road, Warnham, Sussex. Was this Rebecca? If so, who is Mary Ann COOK? Was she a daughter of Daniel LONGHURST? She was a Mary WALLER who appears at different times to use the names Mary, Mary Ann or Ann. We think, therefore, she was the Ann who appeared on the 1841 census above. Mary Ann COOK Head widow (48) born Rudgwick, Sussex (she was 42 in 1871!) Arthur COOK son unmarried (17) Ag Lab born Cuckfield, Sussex Edwin COOK son unmarried (13) Ag Lab born Shipley, Sussex, Walter COOK son unmarried (11) Scholar born Shipley, Sussex, George COOK son unmarried (10) Scholar born Shipley, Sussex, John COOK son unmarred (8) Scholar born Shipley, Sussex, Rebecca LONGHURST mother widow (90) Pauper born Slinfold, Sussex"

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