I have decided to add this page to clarify what this site is about. It started off as a site dedicated to the name Dackombe. However over the years I have been adding in the form of charts all lines from myself - John Terry, born 1939 in  Surrey and now living in the Colchester area of Essex. This includes lines from my wife, my sister, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law etc. All the charts are therefore connected even if very remotely. You can therefore navigate around the 10,100 or so charts clicking on the dark blue boxes to go to the next line.

I regularly update the site as new people contact me. Because of the large number of names involved I am never up to date and there are boxes which are open and show the background colour. This is where, either I have not got round to putting a chart on for the family or if I did it would involve living people, so no generations after around 1950 are shown and the charts generally between 1900 and 1950 only show the name of the person if I have no death information for them. In some cases to show the line back to my family from the informant I have put a chart on just showing names and no further information.

On the Home Page there is at the top a large DACKOMBE name, this takes you to the Dackombe part of the site. This includes all the information that I have on that family and as more resources become available it is still being added to. It includes Births, Marriages and Deaths, Census Returns, War Record, Immigration, IGI, Directories etc etc. In fact anywhere I have found the Dackombe name world wide had been included in a section in this part of the Web Site. If you are just interested in the Dackombe name this is the part of the site to go to.

If the search engine has given you my site for another name, Powell for instance, it is best to go to the Charts link at the foot of the Home Page and Click on this and then on P in the Index that comes up. You can then scroll through all the P charts (in alphabetical order) that you find there. If you find a Powell Chart with the names of the parents that match what you are looking for you click on this and will be taken to the full chart for this name. Then just click on the dark blue boxes to navigate back and forth through the generations.

I have added a Note about the Notes that appear at the foot of each chart. These are an important part of the information given as it shows addresses, sources, queries, etc about the information on the chart. Also such items as transcripts of wills appear in this section. This started with just an odd comments but has over time become the most important part of the information given. These Notes are being updated at the present time as an ongoing exercise. I just put an additional note at the foot when I found new information. This was becoming very confusing as in some case there were over 50 notes for a Chart, with say the 1901 Census for a person being Note 1 and the 1861 Census being Note 40, so you had to jump about. To simplify this each person on a Chart is being given a Note number regardless if there is any information to go in the notes for them. Then when I find a date or source that needs adding I just add it in order of dates to that person.

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