I have now added this Links page. It will be divided into two halves, the top half is for sites which have relevance and connections to the families we are researching, the second section will be related to sites which we have found useful in doing our research, such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Site, etc. There will be a brief explanation of what can be found on each site. Several sites have now been added but I will continue to expand this area in the future. Several new sites have been added.
If you find a link no longer works please let me know by using the email address on the Home Page.

This is the first section of this links page and covers research sites related to the families to be found on this Web Site.

The web site for the WHEATON name which my sister runs is My sister runs a one name society for the name WHEATON, so not only are there connections to her own family but covers the WHEATON name worldwide.

Geoffrey Mann who has helped me over the years with the Dackombe research has a web site, this at present does not contain much information on the Dackombe name but has a large amount of information for the names BROOKBANKS, BLEWETT and MANN, plus a wealth of other information relating to his family. You can go to this web site by clicking on 

There is a Web Site on Rootsweb which has been put on by an Ann Parnell who I have been in contact with in the past. She originally gave me the information on the JOLIN family and also a lot on the SIMPSON family which connects to my DACKOMBE family. I have used her information to update my charts for those families. However there is a lot more information on her site for other families related to the JOLIN family which I have not put onto my Web Site, You can go to this web site by clicking on

My sister's son Paul and his wife Lorraine run a Web Site where the name family history for the KETCHER is to be found. To go to this click on

An American site which deals with some of the American Wheaton names can be found at"

There is a site for the Dring family. I have shown this on the relevant DRING sites. This connects to the Wheaton site. I have put a lot of information about the Dring's on this Web Site but this site covers a lot more interesting information about this family. This can be found at

There is another Dring Site which shows the Dring line, this can be found at

A site for the Standfield family can be found at

There is a site for the Sallabank family, again remotely connected to this site. This can be found at

The Knight family originating in Ramsgate and part of our family now has an excellent web site, to be found at

I have in my Family History sites a site for the name MOTE, I cannot see at the present time where this connects to our family but I know that is does, it is a very comprehensive site for this name, so if anybody is interested go to

A few people interested in this name have started a Munson and Thorogood Group with Yahoo where pictures, certificates and data can be found about this family. You can also leave messages. Click on the link to join below.

Click here to join Munson-Thorogood
Click to join Munson-Thorogood

This is the second section of this links page and covers research sites

The Guild of One Name Studies is a useful site and worth looking at. It might save you years of research if you find someone researching your particular surname. I am a member and research the name DACKOMBE and my sister is also a member and researches the name WHEATON. There are well over 3000 members so over three thousand different surnames are being looked at. If you happen to have one of those names it means someone has done a lot of research into that family. You can get to the site by going to

There is an Isle of Wight Family History site which I have found is excellent if your have any research to do with that area. Its Births Marriages and Death section is much better than any other family history site I have found. They have also worked on putting all the Births, Marriages and Deaths on their site from 1837 to the present day. This includes the partners maiden name in the case of birth, so allowing you to put families together and just the couple who married in the case of marriages. This site can be found at

The Commonwealth Graves site shows the members of the armed forces who lost their lives in the two world wars. It shows the date of death, place of death if known, and where their memorial is. In a lot of cases it shows some relatives, such as son of ??? etc, so it can be very useful. This site can be found at

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates can now be ordered on line, to do this go to " is a site where you have to pay to get the information, but it is well worth subscribing to. It records now include all the British Census returns from 1841 to 1911, the BMD records, all the USA Census returns and lots and lots of other records. It has also quite a few of the County Records, baptism, marriage and burial  etc. I have found the Census returns one of the most useful. I used to go to London to look at these and might find one or two useful ones in a days searching. I can now find that in minutes without the travelling time. A terrific help  to ones research. This site can be found at I was contacted by Ancestry and it was suggested that the following link should also be added so they suggest 

The IGI Site is a free one, it lists lots of information and is a good starting point for finding baptisms and marriages going back several centuries. Information does need to be checked and the spelling of surnames can be incorrect, but used with care is a useful source of information. This can be found at

A Leicester University project gives us lots of Kelly Directory type information. Useful to see if your Ancestors had shops and  businesses. It is free and gives you a page with the relevant words you have searched for highlighted. It can be found at

The National Archives site is mainly useful for Wills for which a charge is made to download them in PDF format. It does have other useful information on it at well. It can be found at

The 1901 Census is the site that had all the trouble when it started with everyone trying to access it at the same time. Since then other sites such as also has the information. But if you only want to look at a few 1901 Census returns this is the cheaper way of doing it. The site can be found at

The Access to Archives site A2A is a useful site for finding out where to find  old documents relating to your family. Very useful for a One Name research, otherwise very limited in its use. It can be found at

The Free BMD site is a very useful one, allows you to search for Births Marriages and Deaths and it is as it says Free. You can get the same on but you have to pay. Can get very busy in the evenings so sometimes takes a while to give you the information you require, but otherwise an excellent site. Can be found at

We now have lots of Ancestors in the county I live in Essex, so the Essex Record Office, with its main area in Chelmsford, but with Branches in Colchester, Southend etc is another point of interest. They have a site at

Cyndi's list is a good starting point for finding links to Shipping lists etc. Has a wealth of information on it. This can be found at

The Federation of Family History Societies site can be found at

Genuki UK and Ireland Genealogy is another good site to find links to other family history sites, can be found at

The Cambridgeshire Family History Society site for the 1851 Census is very good, it shows certain census returns that has failed to put on its site, this can be found at

The Francis Frith collection of postcards is well worth looking at. If you want a picture of how a town looked like in the early 20th Century this is the place to look, if you do save the picture it does have the Frith sign overprinted on it. You can of course order the pictures online. The site is at

Genes Reunited, I have found,  has become a useful source for  making new connections. To be found at

Many of our Ancestors spent there last years in the Workhouse. I have found an excellent site which looks at most aspects of this, the laws, the different workhouses round the country, the people in them etc and has a picture of nearly all of them, as it is today if it still stands and as it was when in use. This sites home page can be found at

A Bill Jackson contacted me on the 12th March 2015 with the Web Site below which anybody interested in Genealogy might find useful.
"Getting Started With Genealogy on the Web"

This last site which I have added is nothing to do with family history as such, but is to do with the Southern Railway. I found it as I was interested in a couple of Railway Stations, how they used to look. It has such an interesting collection of photo's on it of all sorts of things to do with the Southern Railway, some of the pictures are very old, so it might add something to your family research. It is regularly updated and can be found at

This following web site might give you leads of where to look for various resources availabe to do your Genealogy,

On the 8th April 2014 I received the following email
Hi Mr. Terry,
I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that my classmates and I have really enjoyed using your page for our family tree and genealogy projects! My tutor, Mrs. Lowe, thought it would be nice if we wrote you a thank you note (by using her email) to let you know that it's been such a great help for us to learn all about researching our family history :)
As a thank you, we thought it would be nice send along another resource that we came across during our projects. It has some great information and websites to help learn all about genealogy and tracing your roots that we thought could be helpful for others -
And if you added it to your other resources, I'd love to show Mrs. Lowe that the site was up to share with other students learning about genealogy :)
But thanks again for your help! And we hope to hear back from you soon.
Emma Masso (and the rest of Mrs. Lowe's students!)

It was great to hear that my site is being used in this way.  So thank you Emma for emailing me. And for anyone else looking at this page there is of course a new place to look at.

On the 27th October 2022 I received the following email
Good Afternoon Mr. Terry,
I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian and educator, I've been running a fun beginner's historic research and genealogy class over the last few months during these times of remote learning, and I thought you might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your Family History and Genealogy Interest resource links list. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project. Thanks so much for sharing! 
I hope you don't mind, one of our youngest, Anna has also asked me if I could share a piece that she and her mother found together which we've begun referencing as a group on the future of genealogy research. We noticed you don't have this one listed yet, but Anna was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for any other young historic research enthusiasts who may also be coming across your information and have an interest in learning more about their family history in addition to the future of genealogy research and technology's impact on it during their down time, like our group! I've included it below if you'd like to review! 
If you find you are able to add this one to your list, would you please let me know? We're meeting tomorrow, and I would absolutely love to surprise Anna and the group if you're able to do so - I'm hoping to keep spirits up in light of the past few years' challenges, and I think it would make her proud to know she was able to pay it forward and maybe even show her mother her contribution if it ends up being included!
Thank you again for all your help here John,
Kelly Ackford

Again as above it was great to hear that my webs site is being used. So I hope Anna and her mother are happy that this has been included on my web site.

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