COBB Chart 0305

This is a Chart for Herbert William Cobb and Laura Emily Broom


December quarter
Ringwood district



12th August
Ashbury Berkshire (1881)
  Idstone, Berkshire (1891)
 September quarter 1871 
Faringdon district
1891 Farm Labourer
1901 Carter on Farm
1911 Carter on Farm; Casual 
1939 Casual Farm Worker
Worked in a Park between Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst in the New Forest Hampshire. That was at a big Farm and Country House. His work was associated with horses


12th August 1876
Ringwood, Hampshire


born about
(see Notes)
 died between
 1909 - 1915
Age 13-19
born about
December quarter
Ringwood, Hampshire
died about
September quarter
 Lymington District
Age 13
  1. 1881 Cottages Opposite Crow Farm, Ringwood, Hampshire. Mark COBB )44) Farm Carter born Bere Regis, Dorset, wife Louisa (31) born Bere Regis, Dorset, children Thomas C (14) Farm Lab born Moordown, Dorset, Annie L (10) Scholar born Moordown,
    Dorset, Herbert W (8) Scholar born Ashbury, Berkshire, Frank (7) Scholar born Ashbury, Berkshire, Ernest (6) Scholar born Ashbury, Berkshire and Harry (3) born Ashbury, Berkshire
    1891 Green Lane, Crowe, Ringwood, Hampshire. Mark shown as age 40 which does not tally with exact birth and baptism dates we have been given Mark COBB (49) Farm Carter born Bere Regis, Dorset, wife Louisa (45) born Bere Regis, Dorset, children Charles T (24) Railway Platelayer born Morden, Dorset, Annie L (21) born Morden Dorset, Herbert W (19) Farm Labourer, born Idstone, Berkshire, Frank (18) Platelayer born Idstone, Dorset, Jane (15) Dressmaker born Idstone, Dorset, Albert (9) Scholar born Ringwood, Hampshire, George (6) Scholar born Ringwood, Hampshire and Alice (3) born Ringwood, Hampshire
    1901 Upper Kingston, Ringwood, Hampshire. Herbert W COBB (29) Carter On Farm born Berkshire, wife Laura E COBB (24) born Ringwood, Hampshire and Nurse Child Jack BATTEN (5mths) Bournemouth, Hampshire 
    1911 New Park Brockenhurst Hampshire, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. Herbert COBB (37) Carter on Farm born Berkshire, Place Unknown, wife Laura (32) born Ringwood, Hampshire and daughter Edith (9) born Crowe, Ringwood, Hampshire
    1939 Oher Farm Cottage, Brockenhurst, New Forest R.D., Hampshire. Herbert W COBB (born 12 August 1871) Casual Farm Worker and Laura E COBB (born 13 June 1877) Unpaid Domestic Duties
  2. 1901 Upper Kingston, Ringwood, Hampshire as Laura E
    On the same page of the census as Charles Thomas COBB. Living with them was nurse child Jack BATTEN (5 months) born Bournemouth, Hampshire 
  3. Notes for daughter of Herbert William COBB:
    We were given information that there were two daughters in this family, one with name unknown who died in her teens, and the other was an Edith who died young.
    We found an Edith Minnie who died in her teens.
    We also found a Mabel Charlotte COBB born June quarter 1900 in the Ringwood District, Hampshire who died in the September quarter 1900 in the same District.
    So, was it Edith who died in her teens and Mabel Charlotte who died young?
  4. As Note 3

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