JOLIN Chart 0500

This is a Chart for Daniel Jolin and Jean Moutier


5th March 1795
St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands


5th August 1772
St Helier
 Channel Islands
1845 Carpenter

6th January 1775
St Helier
Channel Islands
20th February 1821
St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

Daniel JOLIN baptised
21st January 1796 
 St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands 
 October 1875
 St Saviour Jersey Channel Islands
William JOLIN born
 15th March 1797
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands  buried 
 April 1798
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands

George JOLIN baptised 14th March 1798
 St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands  buried 
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
William JOLIN  baptised
 14th May 1799
St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
3rd February 1833
St Helier Jersey Channel Islands

21st November
St Helier
 Elizabeth Susanna LE CRONIER 
Charles JOLIN born
2nd August 1800
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
 17th November 1875
St Helier Jersey, Channel Islands 
died between 1815 Militia Census and brother Charles’s baptism 1818
Philippe JOLIN  baptised
31st March 1802
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
 1862 Clerkenwell London

  Harriet TOMLIN
  baptised  1803 
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands 

23 September 1829 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
  Jean RENOUF 
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Francois George JOLIN 
baptised 21st September 1805
St Helier Jersey Channel Islands.
or John JOLIN  baptised 22nd February 1807
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Eliza JOLIN baptised
April 1808
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
George JOLIN
16th May 1809
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Francois Philippe JOLIN
12th September 1810
St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
2nd Dec 1876
Mile End Registration District

7th December 1845
St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
George Daniel JOLIN baptised 11th October 1811
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Julie JOLIN baptised 11th April 1813
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands  died 
 26th June 1895 Saviour Jersey 

17th November 1833 
 St Saviour Jersey Jean AUBIN 
George JOLIN  baptised
22nd June 1814 
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands

 married Nancy
Rachel LE CRAS
7Betsy Mary JOLIN 
6th May 1816 
St Helier Jersey Channel Islands 

Charles John JOLIN baptised 20th January 1818
 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands.  buried
22nd January 1820 
St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
  1. 1815 General Sir George Don’s Militia Census - Daniel is recorded as age 42, militia rank of Serjeant Batteries, in St Helier Parish, De La Ville Vingtaine. His family consisted of a wife, six boys and three girls.
    1841 Census - not listed - died?
    1845 - Daniel’s occupation was described as a carpenter on son Francois' marriage certificate.
  3. 1815 - General Sir George Don’s Militia Census - listed as age 19, militia rank of Soldat, of St Helier Parish, De La Ville Vingtaine.
    1841 Census for Bagot, St Saviour, Jersey - listed as age 45 (rounded), occupation Brick man, born on Jersey.
    1851 Census - St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands. Daniels was 55, a Brickmaker employing 6 men, born St Helier, Jersey
    1861 Census - listed as: unmarried; age 65; occupation - bricklayer; born St. Helier .
    Daniel Jolin was a master-brickmaker and owned a small brickworks in St. Saviour Parish, Jersey. When he died unmarried and childless his money and possessions were divided up in accordance with the two wills he had made :
    1 ) Moveable property: a proportion of this was divided up amongst several relations, the remainder to be shared equally between his sister Julie and her daughter Julia Mary Aubin.
    2) Immoveable property: this was all left to his sister Julie, his only surviving sibling.
    (Did this include the brickworks itself? Or had this already been sold/pulled down?)
    Now, all that remains of the brickworks is the name of a small road at the place it used to be - Old Brickfield Lane. In August 1995 the site was occupied by Smith’s Soft Drinks factory. The entrance sign read “Smith’s Soft Drinks - Refreshing the island since 1894”. The factory covered well over half of the old brickfield site. The remainder was occupied by a small row of houses fronting onto Brickfield Lane and by a couple of car agents fronting onto the main road, as did the Smith’s factory.
    He died on 5 October 1875, aged 80, at his home in Longueville, St. Saviour, Jersey. A very brief obituary which simply noted that he had died appeared in the local newspaper
  6. 1841 Census - Green Street, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
    1851 Census - 10 Colombery Street, St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands. 
    1861 Census - 10 Colombery Street, St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands. With the family was a Elizabeth Jane Le DAIN a Niece aged 6 born St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.
  8. Philip Jolin was an apothecary/surgeon. According to his entry in the entry books of the Court of Examiners of the qualifications of candidates of the Society of Apothecaries (now kept at the Guildhall Library in London), Philip Jolin had been an apprentice to Charles Goodwin of London, apothecary, for five years from 26 July 1830 to 26 July 1835. He failed to attend for examination on 6 February 1845, but he did attend a week later and was approved on 13 February. His age at that time was recorded as 43.
    An apothecary was originally the humble tradesman of the medical profession and specialised in making up medicines. He had to serve a five-year apprenticeship. He also advised on treatments to people who could not afford to consult a physician. Most surgeons had learnt by watching leading surgeons at work and by studying anatomy in a hospital mortuary. Some surgeons were too poor for this training and had begun by helping the injured whilst in the army. Many surgeons went on to train as apothecaries so that they could prescribe medicines as well as carry out operations. This could explain why Philip Jolin completed his apprenticeship at such a late age. These apothecary/surgeons were the forerunners of the general practitioners we know today.
    Philip first set up in business on his own as a surgeon at 17 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, and advertised his business in the 1845 edition of the London Post Office Directory. Three years later he had moved to 22 Coppice Row, Clerkenwell, where he lived until his death.
    1851 and 1861 Census - birthplace given as St Helier, Jersey, age as 49 and 59 respectively. Note the entry in the 1841 Census for St Helier of a Jacques Jolin, physician, aged 75, (ie born between 1762 and 1766, rounded down) living by himself in Halkett Place. He could be the Jacques baptised in 1764, who was the uncle of Philippe.
    No marriage record found. He lived at 22 Coppice Row with his housekeeper, Harriet Tomlin, until his death in 1862. Son, PHILLIP, born in 1844, but not registered, presumably to hide his illegitimacy. Nor was the boy recorded as living with his father at the time of the 1851 and 1861 Censuses. However, in 1862 when he died Philip’s will, left all of his property and effects to his housekeeper, Harriet Tomlin, spinster, and to his natural son, Philip Jolin, who he stated was now living with him, for their joint and mutual benefit. Harriet Tomlin would seem to have been Philip's mother.
  15. 1845 - painter, residing in St Helier (as given on his marriage certificate - Jersey) 
    1851 Census - 7 Great Union Road, St Helier, Jersey
    1855 - painter, 52 Great Union Road, St Helier (son Alfred's birth certificate - Jersey)
    1855- 1858- sometime during this period Francois and his family left Jersey and moved permanently to live in the Mile End district of London. 
    Information from Doris Attwood, granddaughter of Alfred J A Jolin and Sarah Simpson:
    “The story is that Francois and his brothers (except Daniel) together with their families, all came over together aboard a 3-masted schooner which belonged to one of them. One of the brothers settled in Gravesend and was always referred to as ‘the Captain’” (1997 letter)
    (Augustus Philippe and his son Henry?)
    After moving - Francois Anglicised his name to Francis and added Philip as his middle name. 
    1861 Census - 15 Ely Place, Friendly Place, Stepney,  
    1871 Census - 1 Albert Road, Mile End, London. 
    1875 - Francis’ oldest brother, Daniel, who had lived unmarried on Jersey and owned a brickworks, died 0n 5 October aged 80. In his will he left a variety of bequests to family members, including 900 to Francis.
    1876 - Francis wrote a will dated 7 October 1876 which was deposited in the Judicial Greffe in St Helier, Jersey, although his address at that time was 2 Albert Road, Bancroft Road, Mile End, in the County of Middlesex. (copy still to be obtained).
    1883 - builder (son Alfred’s marriage certificate, Hackney)
  17. 1841 Census -age 25, Georgetown, St Saviour, Independent Means.
    1876- aged 63, Julie was the main beneficiary under the two wills left by her eldest brother Daniel, who had owned a brickworks in St Saviour -
    5 March 1892- Julie signed a will which left all her money and personal estate to her grandson, Thomas Daniel Jolin Le Sueur. (By 1892 all five of Julie's children and two grandchildren are believed to have died. Only Thomas was still alive.) The will also mentioned a loan that had been previously granted to her late granddaughter, Julia Sophia Valentine Le Sueur, wife of John De Gruchy, jnr. (Any connection with the De Gruchy store in St Helier?)
    Julie died on 26 June 1895, aged 82, at her residence, Aubin House, Georgetown, Jersey. There was a brief note of her death in the local newspaper.

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