LUPTON Chart 0506

This is Chart for Herbert Henry Lupton and Ellen Sharpington


25th January 1893
Parish Church, Springfield, Essex
March quarter
Chelmsford district


born about
27th November 1860
(4 months on the 1861 Census)
Kensington, London
29th August 1864
  Old Church
Saint Pancras
1871 Scholar
1901 Lunatic attendant
27th July 1901
Chase Road, Brentwood, Billericay



born about
Chelmsford, Essex

Herbert Cyril
born about
December quarter
Hackney, London
John Grearson
born about
December quarter
Hackney, London

September quarter
St Pancras district
Ina (Ida)
  1. 1871 Census - 118 Stanhope Street, Regent, St Pancras, London
  2. 1861 Census - 58 Upper Marylebone, Middlesex
  3. IGI Baptism and birth date, also gives us Herbert's second name. Also note that Herbert and Maud were baptised on the same day.
  4. 1901 Census - 13 Chase Road, Brentwood, Essex. I am absolutely positive that this is this Herbert Henry LUPTON as his second child is names John Grearson Lupton which the Grearson is his mothers maiden name. I have done all he searches I can think of to find him on the 1881 and 1891 Census without any success. 
  5. On 7th December 2007 I received the following from a Charlie RIGNALL who has been giving me information on the LUPTON families: "I would add the 
    following. I checked the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to see if  Herbert Cyril Lupton or John Grearson Lupton were listed as casualties 
    of WWI. Neither was. However, when I checked World War II I found a  John Francis Cyril Lupton, age 19, son of John Grearson Lupton and Ina Mary, killed on the SS San Gerardo on March 31, 1942, when the vessel was sunk by two torpedoes launched by U71 while the San Gerardo, a tanker, was enroute from Curacao to Halifax. Ina Mary might be Ida Mary, but I have had no luck in a quick first pass at the BMD". 
    I do not think that there could be another John Grearson LUPTON other than the one appearing on this Chart, I have therefore added the information and a new chart for his family.

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