NEWMAN Chart 0503

This is a Chart for Joseph Newman and Sarah Ann Fallick


26th December
Coates-cum- Burton
(December quarter 1864)


born about
Coates, Sussex 
1st October 1837 
Coates Cum Burton, Sussex 
1861 Gardeners Labourer
1871 Ag Lab
widower on
1871 Census


born about
Aldingbourne, Sussex
possibly died
June quarter
Westhampnett, Sussex
Aged 24

born about
Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales
1871 Scholar
  1. 1871 Census - Warren House, Sutton, Sussex. There was a Grandson, a Joseph NEWMAN aged 5 a Scholar, born Knighton, Radnor on this Census. I would think a son of Joseph as the children are listed on the Census as Phebe, Moses then Joseph then the Grandson Joseph.
  2. 1861 Census - Lane Cottage, Coates, Sussex. 
  3. 1851 Census - Coates, Sussex.
  4. I came up with a marriage on the BMD for Joseph in the December quarter of 1864 to a Sarah Ann FALLICK, then looking on the IGI I find the actual marriage recorded as being on 26th December 1864 a Coates cum Burton, Sussex to Sarah Ann FALLICK. It would appear that Sarah died by 1871 so this actually give us the marriage details about her and her maiden name.
  5. I cannot find a Joseph NEWMAN born in 1838 in Coates, Sussex after the 1871 Census. There is a Joseph NEWMAN down as being born in Iping, Sussex which is close by in that year who was married to a Mary who is down as being born in Stedham, Sussex who could be the correct person but have not way of proving it. 

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