TICKNER Chart 0601

This is a Chart for Job Tickner and Mary Tidy


1st August


14th August 1808
Shere, Surrey
1841 No occupation given
1851 Ag Lab
1861 Ag Lab


born about

born about
Shere, Surrey
1851 Servant out of place
widow on the 1901 Census

September quarter
Guildford district
born about
Ewhurst, Surrey
1871 Private, 94th Regiment
1881 Farm Labourer
1891 Farmers Servant
died between
1891 and 1901
  1. 1841 Census - Lane End, Shere, Surrey. Phillip was head of Household, down as head of Household and aged 78 with him was Job and his wife Mary. No wife with Philip so assume she had died before this Census. Philip, Job and Mary are down as being born in Surrey. There is a TIDY family next door to Philip and family, with a John TIDY as head but as he is only 40 I would think it is possible that he was a brother of Mary TICKNER née TIDY.
  2. IGI marriage details
  3. 1851 Census - Shere, Surrey. Ancestry.com has Job's age as 37, which it definitely is not, it looks as though it is 42 which would be correct. Mary is down as 37 which is possibly more correct than the 1841 Census which can be variable so I have changed her age to match this Census. They had a daughter, Esther, aged 6 born Shere, Surrey on this Census. 
  4. 1861 Census - Shere, Surrey, age correct on this Census. Esther their daughter still with them, no other siblings. Esther was down as Servant out of place.
  5. 1871 Census - Peaslake, Shere, Surrey. There was a George W LONGHURST, grandson, aged 2 born Dover, Kent with the family. There was also a lodger.
  6. 1871 Census - District Regiment of 94th Foot and 45th Depot Foot Centre Block Infantry Barracks, Aldershot, Hampshire.  Their son George was with Esther's parents on this Census. It appears from the 1881 and 1891 Census that George was older than he declared on this Census. He is the same age as Esther on this Census, but is shown as being nine years older than her on the 1891 Census. 
  7. 1881 Census - Effingham Hill, Effingham, Surrey. Three children on this Census, George, aged 12 a Scholar, born Dover, Kent, Alice I aged 2 born Shere, Surrey and Edwin T (under 1 month) born Effingham, Surrey. 
  8. 1891 Census - Manor Road, Witley, Surrey. Alice and Edwin, both Scholars were still with their parents.
  9. 1901 Census - Oakford Road, Godalming, Surrey. Edwin and Alice still with their mother Edwin was a Leather ???ier and Alice was a Paper Finisher.

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