British Postal Service 
Appointment Books, 1737-1969

Another new list, still to put on, but can now be found on Ancestry.com. I have at present just listed the names to be found for Dackombe but have not looked at the images etc. (Now put on full detail for the six Dackombe names, rest still to do for Dacombe.)

Date Registered Number of
Nomination Paper
Name Year Appointed Situation in which
Place Appointed
September 1920 195574 Jas R Dackombe  1920  Unest Skd. Wman Engr Provs  
27th June 1938 56062 Albert A Dackombe  1938  Unest Cleaner Ilford and Barking
23rd May 1939 56062/38 Albert A Dackombe  1939 Postman Ilford and Barking
November 1948 105820 Stanley G Dackombe  1948 TE Mechanic Factories  
January 1952 12302 Alexander R Dackombe  1952  Postman Guernsey 
January 1954 16257 Frederick A Dackombe  1954  Postman Dartford
    H Dacombe   1867   London West Central [London] 
    Edwin J Dacombe 1896   Southampton
    Albert L Dacombe 1905   Eastleigh and Southampton 
    Albert L Dacombe 1907   Southampton
    Sidney G Dacombe 1910   Jersey
    Sidney G Dacombe 1912   Andover
    Reginald S Dacombe 1912    
    Sidney G Dacombe 1912   Wimborne
    Wm F Dacombe 1917    
    Cecil E Dacombe 1919   Poole
    Cecil E Dacombe 1919   Poole
    Leonard A G Dacombe 1928   Southampton
    Aubrey H G Dacombe 1929   Southampton
    Charles J Dacombe 1937   Coventry
    Arthur D Dacombe 1947   London Postal Region
    Caleb G Dacombe 1949   Folkstone
    Caleb J Dacombe 1953   Folkstone
    Albert M L Dacombe 1956    

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