UK, Silver War 
Badge Records

Another new list now put on complete for Dackombe and Dacombe but no other variants

Name Discharge Unit Regiment
Rank Badge
Unit Enlistment Discharge Cause of Discharge Whether served
Dackombe D. C R.W. Surrey Depot G/291 L/C 30078 Infantry
15.8.14 11.7.16 Wounds Yes
Daniel Dackombe  R.A.V.C. TT/03683 Private B341631 Royal Army Veterinary Corps (Woolwich) 4.5.15 20.4.19 392 xvi.a. A).29 of '19 No
John Dackombe  Depot The Welsh Regiment 50854 Pte 120720 Infantry (Shrewsbury) 17.4.16 18.7.17 Wounds Para 392(XVI) Yes
John Dackombe 22nd Ldn. Rgt. 2570 L/Cpl. 413713 Territorial Force (London) 28.9.14 5.2.15 P.392 III//CC.KR.Sick
Aged 28 yrs
Albert L Dacombe Labour Corps 107512 Pte B287369 Labour Corps (Nottingham) 26.2.17  12.8.19 Sick Para 392 xvia  
Cecil E. Dacombe 8th Ldn. Rgt. 371875 Rfn. 465980 Territorial Force (London) 13.7.15 9.7.19 392 VXVIa K.R. Wnds Aged 32  Yes

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