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Taken from Old Pewter and Its Marks
Entry 1275.
DAC(K)OMBE, AQUILA, London: 17 June 1742, Y.; 28 Nov. 1746, L. Touch, 913 L.T.P., struck c.1744. He was struck out of the Company in 1773 and his fine returned. Was given leave to strike his Touch on 20 Dec. 1744. He was Gazetted as insolvent on 21 March 1761.

Entry 1276.
DAC(K)OMBE, AQUILA, London 20 Oct. 1768, Y.; 17 Dec. 1801, L,; 1804 f.S.; 1810, f.R.W.; 1817. f.U.W.; 1818. 1819 died.

I am a one name society for the name Dackombe (Member 1930) and as such I have recorded all the births, deaths and marriages at St Catherines House, have recorded all the known wills of the Dackombe family, have researched the census in many areas where the Dackombe's lived. Have been through all the telephone directories of the British Isles and written to everyone I have found with this name. I have also obtained a lot of information regarding this family. An Aquilla Dackombe was appointed Master of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers on the 20th August 1818, and I have a lot more information about this Worshipful Company.

A list of names drawn from a CD at the IGI has also been reproduced.

There are many variants of the name, i.e. Dacombe being the most common. This family has always been centered in Dorset, England where there is still the biggest number of names. The family of Dackombe also came from this area and we are certain that they are all connected, however at the present time although I have recorded all the names I have not researched this variant thoroughly. Therefore if anyone has information regarding this variant of the name Dackombe I would be very pleased to here from you. A fairly complete list of Dacombe births, deaths and marriages are however recorded on these Web pages.

Below is a brief synopsis of the name Dackombe and how through my wife I am connected with this family. I have over two thousand Dackombe names recorded and related in some way to my wife.

I have a lot of other Dackombe information, some of these can be found in the following pages.

  1. Transcription of the will of Aquila Dackombe (1822-1867). This section also now includes a large number of other Dackombe Wills
  2. Information about the name Dackombe, J D J Dacombe, 1904 found at the Society of Geneologists.
  3. The Dame, The Prison and the Pewterer, The Manor of Little Ashtead 1671-1851 a paper written in 1977 by G. J. Gollin for the Leatherhead & District Local History Society.
  4. Sources and information from Geoffrey Mann of Great Bookham Leatherhead.
  5. A book about the Dackombes Doreen Williams written in September 1992.
  6. A list of the surname Dackombe killed in the two World Wars
  7. Medals to Dackombes in the First World War
  8. Emigration details for Dackombes
  9. Marriage Settlement
  10. There are now a lot more areas to look at, do go to the Dackombe Contents Page to see the various areas now covered, thirty nine areas in total.

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